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Billiards for Palm OS

Take your pool games with you wherever you go

Play Pool and Billiards against an advanced artificial intelligence engine. High-class movement algorithm and balls collision realization based on mathematical equations and solid-state physics principles will allow you to enjoy the game with the degree of reality that is available on Palm OS only. Fight with your Palm in this entertaining game!

Game features include:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Super-smart opponent personalized in your device
  • The game realized according to the protocol IrDA (Infrared mode)
  • Extended aspects of training in "Practice" mode
  • Animated demonstration of 8 - Ball, 9 - Ball, Pyramid
  • First Track/Full Track fine tuning feature
  • Video-camera mode (the mode of slow-speed reproduction of the performed shots)
  • A full 180-degree table rotation
  • Accurate shooting hint
  • Excellent digital sound effects
  • Wide range of geometrical settings
  • Color adjustment for tables
  • Left-handers support
  • Clock and battery meter available (for HiRes+ devices)
  • Statistics for Billiards games completed

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Billiards 4.2

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